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How to "self check-in"

We motel is a little unique so we want to make sure you feel confident in our process and staying with us. Follow the steps below to gain an understanding at how to check in at our motel - You'll be a pro in no time! 

Eden Valley Motel Photo 2.jpg


Head to the southeast corner of the Eden Valley Motel upon arrival

The last door on the southeast corner of the motel is where you will go to check-in. There is an "open" sign in the window you will see when you drive up. 


Head into the kiosk room and tap the screen. 

The kiosk is a touch screen.

Eden Valley Motel Photo 3.jpg
Eden Valley Motel Photo 5.jpg


Choose the option "Check-In"

You can tap "Check in" if you have a reservation or you can choose the second option if you do not have a reservation booked to "Make a reservation". 


Type in the last name on your reservation

  • Your reservation number is a 6 digit number. 

  • The phone number needs to match the one you made the reservation with.

Eden Valley Motel Photo 7.jpg
Eden Valley Motel Photo 8.jpg


Use your reservation # or phone number to reference your reservation 


Agree to the terms & conditions. 

Eden Valley Motel Photo 10.jpg
Eden Valley Motel Photo 12.jpg


Wait patiently whiles the kiosk loads your reservation information.


Agree to the auto generated door code or make your own.

Eden Valley Motel Photo 13.jpg
Eden Valley Motel Photo 14.jpg


Review and remember your door code & room number.


Click the home screen on the top right corner to exit out of the screen with your room information.

Eden Valley Motel Photo 15.jpg
Eden Valley Motel Photo 16.jpg


Head to your door number and type in your code on the 9 digit keypad outside the door.


Enjoy your stay! 

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